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Lime Green Swirl Clock Multimedia Abstract Wall Decor, Artistic Clocks
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The beauty of art and design is deeper than the colors on the surface; it is in the emotion that is felt when a canvas becomes a story, or a space becomes an experience. Our dual-layered Lime Green Swirl Clock has accentuated the life and movement of the swirling acrylic colors by reverse-printing them in high resolution on the backside of a thick acrylic square, which is then mounted to a larger white aluminum back panel. The result is a mixed-media, multi-dimensional masterpiece that makes a bold, brilliant statement on your wall with a cool splash of crisp lime green.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 22" width x 22" height x .5" depth

Weight: 5 lbs

Colors: Black, Gray, Green, White

$199.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 209287

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