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From the series 'Les Femmes de la Nuit'. Les Femmes de la Nuit is French for Women of the night, this collection tells a story of Courtesans from the 1920's onwards. Through the use of vibrant colours, erotic forms and expressive faces, a sense of anguish, yet powerful authority and warmth, pours out of the paintings delivering an intense impact of mixed emotions.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 18" width x 22" height x 0.1" depth

Weight: 0.3

Materials: Acrylic, Other Materials, Other Materials, Other Materials, Other Materials, Canvas

Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Pink, Red, White, Yellow

$500.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 197482

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Natasha Geoffroy

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When I paint it's like I'm taking a part of me and rubbing it into the canvas. Each time I stop working on a piece, it feels like I've given birth. I put a lot of emotion, movement and energy into each stroke of my brush, when I stop I have more

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