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MCM Starburst Clock - Black/Orange Midcentury Modern Style Wall Clocks
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The term 'midcentury modern' is not used lightly in the world of wall decor. Unlike the more vague 'abstract' and 'contemporary' terms, the midcentury style is more than a casual label: it is a lifestyle that is impossible to fake. The design, the colors, the textures, the materials, and the energy and emotions they envoke...they all come together with unquestioning clarity in this black vintage style clock. Bask in the statement of your mid-century starburst clock, with this nod to a more carefree period that all either loved to live through or longed to be a part of.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 23" width x 23" height x .5" depth

Weight: 2 lbs

Colors: Black, Orange

$149.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 209273

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