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A gate at Mabel Dodge Luhan's house

in Taos New Mexico in Black & White

Open Edition 13" x 19" Crane & Co.

Museo® Max™ 100% ragFineArt Matt

250 gsm,100% Cotton, white, mould-made

printed with eight colour archival dye ink.

28 MegaPixel 6600x4384 pixels

Signed. Shipped: Taos Crating LLC

It will look stunning double matted and

framed to 18" x 24" in a imported Italian

frame glazed with Museum Glass®.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 19" width x 13" height x " depth

Materials: Textile, Fine Art Print, Fine Art Print, Watercolor, Ink, Ink

Colors: Black, White

$250.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 53226

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Charles Mühle

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Charles seeks to capture the complete range of light, 
taming highlights and illuminating shadows 
to render bold saturated colors 
in the Southwestern tradition. He resides in Taos New Mexico.
He has selected Museo® Max™ as his preferred fineart 
watercolor rag paper printed with eight color archival dye ink. 
His degree is more

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