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Mandala mirror wall decor made from reclaimed old growth wood
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This unique mandala mirror is handcrafted out of reclaimed cedar with a carved leaf design around the edge of the piece.

13" diameter with a 7" mirror, great for unique eco friendly home decor.

This wood is special because it is old growth and reclaimed. Whenever someone buys a piece we make sure they know that it is most likely the oldest thing they now own (from trees that grew 400-800 years ago)

Additional Information

Dimensions: 13" width x 13" height x .5" depth

Weight: 3

Materials: Other Materials, Other Materials

Colors: Brown

$85.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 202651

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Shipping $12.00

Richard Malacek

Richard Malacek has spent three decades exploring designs found in the natural world through close up photography, drawing and decorative relief carving. He has found inspiration in the complex and ever changing images there. Leaf forms, with their shapes and variety coupled with an opportunity of working with reclaimed old growth more

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