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Memorial Day Sale! Metal Giclée WWII Fighter Plane Art 'P51 Mustang' World War 2 Aircraft Pilot Artwork - Aviation Decor, Planes Painting
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"Gallery Price: $230 | MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND SPECIAL: $99

The 'P51 Mustang' piece is a breathtaking view from the clouds of a WW2 battle scene featuring the popular North American Aviation P-51 Mustang, which was a fighter plane/fighter bomber used during the Second World War, the Korean War, and other conflicts. The cool blues and tan/brown coloring of this piece make it an excellent artwork for a variety of traditional settings, but the sleek metal construction also work with more eclectic/modern decorating as well, like the example photograph (of our Spitfire piece) in a baby boy's nursery. This piece also makes a spectacular gift for a pilot, and more specifically for the honorable war vets - the wonderful men and women who have served (or are serving) our country.

Steven Heyen is an extremely talented painter who specializes in aviation paintings, with a particular emphasis on World War 2 (WWII) era planes and aerial warfare. He is one of the latest contributors to the Modern Crowd family, with a line of 3 fighter plane paintings offered for the first time ever as metal giclées.

Artistic Details
Artist: Steven Heyen
Title: P51 Mustang
Size: 22""W x 32""H x 1/2""D
Style: WW2 WWII Fighter Plane Art / World War 2 Art / Aircraft Artwork / Aviation Decor / Planes Painting / WWII Metal Wall Art / Aerial Warfare Art / Memorial Day Art / Veterans Day Art
Colors: Blue, Cream, Brown, Green, Tan
Process: This is a technique we coined, called a fine metal art giclée. It is a manually prepped and embellished panel with in-house giclee application, assembled by hand in our modern art studio in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Detail: HD (high definition) giclée on metal. UV cured acrylic inks. Rare, true-flatbed application for ultimate image clarity.
Finish: Lightly-textured satin matte
Mounting: I attach metal brackets to the back that hang easily on nails, screws, hooks or z-bars and allow the artwork to float slightly off the wall, giving the artwork an attractive element of depth.

100% Made in USA (Ohio) | Contact Us for Customizations | We Ship Worldwide"

Additional Information

Dimensions: 32" width x 22" height x 1" depth

Weight: 6

Materials: Metal, Other Materials, Acrylic

Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Red

$169.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 207177

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Shipping $19.00