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Metal Wall Artwork 'Emerald Essence' - 38x12 in. - Contemporary Décor - Green Unique Emerald Wall Sculpture
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Emerald Essence is a rich green metal wall art piece crafted at Metal Art Studio. A unique design was made from acrylic inks on steel sheets. The main feature on the three panels in this trendy multi-panel design is the deep emerald colored sheet, raised and highlighted by the textured steel back-panel - measuring 12 inches by 12 inches each. The unsystematic pattern on the emerald colored sheet gives the piece dimension, movement and an illusion that adds life to the piece. Like the lush rainforests, the different shades of green that can be found in the piece are similar to a mossy rock face or a canopy of trees - lively and full of variety. A superb piece to display, it would fit any modern themed space.

Additional Information

Dimensions: 38" width x 12" height x 3" depth

Weight: 8 lbs

Materials: Metal

Colors: Green

$129.00 USD

Quantity: Product ID# 199227

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