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Peacock mixed media collage Art Canvas Painting 12x12" "Gypsy Rondo"

Are you looking for abstract peacock art? This mixed media collage on canvas pictures and ethereal blue and purple peacock on a bellflower purple and periwinkle background. You will love adding this glamorous touch to your home decor. The one of a kind wall art is very contemporary and modern. The peacock is surrounded by large wild flowers cut from watercolor tinted piano sheet music. There are also gold accents on the centers of the flowers.

TITLE: Gypsy Rondo

SIZE: 12x12"" art

dominant colors: purple periwinkle blue cockatoo navy

The sides are painted light purple, no framing required to display

MEDIA : Watercolor, acrylic, piano Sheet Music, Collage on CANVAS
copyright words do not appear on actual peacock artwork

Copyright of work, including all rights of reproduction in any form, are held by the artist, Miriam Schulman.

Images were photographed to represent original colors, but your monitor colors may vary the colors slightly.

additional information

Dimensions: 12" width x 12" height x " depth

Weight: 1 lb

Materials: canvas,acrylic,paint,watercolor,collage,piano sheet music

Colors: Blue, Purple, Red

Keywords: Art, Mixed_Media, Mixed_Media_Original, abstract, canvas, home_decor, wall_art, mixed_media_collage, contemporary, modern, blue_cockatoo_navy, peacock_art, peacock_decor, peacock_painting, original_painting

Peacock mixed media collage Art Canvas Painting 12x12 Peacock mixed media collage Art Canvas Painting 12x12 Peacock mixed media collage Art Canvas Painting 12x12 Peacock mixed media collage Art Canvas Painting 12x12

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I am a watercolor artist who loves creating colorful modern wall art to decorate your home. Buy impressionistic & abstract watercolor paintings in many contemporary themes for sale include trees, waterlilies, landscapes, animal art, and mixed media collages.My creative collages done with sheet music will delight the music lover and the ...read more

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