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Wood carving (Rhododendron)
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I spent Christmas 2010 alone.
It Wasn't A bad alone and it was of my choosing.
I began aimlessly carving Odin's face into this piece of wood, then leaves, a skull, a door, a snake, a sword, a book a dragon.......
Over the next few weeks I added more and more details.
Now there are 2 thresholds. The first, the door to the subconscious is locked. The second leads to the higher self.
In between there are dreams
This is my Dream Stick

Additional Information

Dimensions: 6" width x 36" height x 6" depth

Colors: Brown

$750.00 USD

Quantity:Product ID# 18231

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Mark Richmond Woodcraft

My true sculptures can often be reflections of the world I see around me, the truths that create and consume me, and lead me to question my perceptions of life. These thoughts can sometimes creep into my sculptures unbidden. I like to believe that; I was created and so I create, more

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