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Artist Guide to Pricing Artwork Online

For the Artist | PUBLISHED 01.23.19 | AH ADMIN

As an artist creating your artwork could be second nature to you, but as for pricing your art that could be a little more difficult.  When making your art it involves thought, emotion, creativity and balance. As you finish each piece, try not to price it out depending on how much time and effort you spent on the art because this will affect the way you value your piece.  Your price for your art should be considerate of the market value for the category it should be sold under.  Doing some research online before picking a price is not just important for your knowledge by for the overall success and profit of selling art online.

Artist Guide to Pricing Artwork Online

Being a well-known artist has its perks, but sometimes that might not be enough. Doing some investigation beforehand and finding out what similar art is going for online will provide you with the help you need to price your artwork at a reasonable level that can ensure you the sale. Artists selling online often have to be familiar with the art criteria that is most popular at the time of trying to price their artwork to sell online. You simply cannot just guess a price that you want to sell your artwork for. It must be fair and affordable original art to the customers that are already buying original artwork online based on the research you found.

Artist Guide to Pricing Artwork Online

If this is your first time selling artwork online and you do not have an art history it’s okay! This just means when you begin to build your brand you might have to start on the smaller pricing side until people see more of your artwork being sold.  Try finding another artist that is selling artwork online at affordable prices and when you find a piece of art that is like yours see what they price it at. Every artist is similar in some way whether it is the size, colors, textures, techniques, or shape of the artwork. Yes, your artwork may be unique, but it is important to sell artwork online for the right price otherwise your artwork could stay on the online market for a very long time. It all comes down to finding the right marketplace and research for pricing your artwork to sell online, and once you start selling your pieces and getting feedback you will be able to grow your brand!


Image Source: Fet. Photo: Samir Belhamra @Grafixart_photo on Pexels.comA Caribbean Dream, Utah Desert

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