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Make Your Artwork Look Bigger with a DIY Floating Frame

For the Artist | PUBLISHED 01.18.19 | AH ADMIN

Floating frames not only make artwork look bigger, but it is inexpensive compared to taking it to a store to get framed. Sometimes we can make the mistake of ordering artwork that is too small for the space you planned on using it for but have no fear because there is a way to make it fit perfectly on that blank wall in your home! A floating frame is simple to create, and you can put your own unique spin on it with the color or texture you decide on.

To give you an idea here are a couple paintings that would look great with floating frames surrounding them! 


A painting like this could use a dark stained wooden floating frame on the thicker side! A floating frame would make this painting stand out and look bigger than it is, but it also helps you put your own style to something that you bought online to make it unique to you. 

Different from the one above something like this could have a brighter painted wooden floating frame. The perfect floating frame for this could even have some detail added to it like sticks or something to make it rustic.

So how do you make a floating frame?

You’re going to need 4 pieces of wood cut down to the size and thickness depending on how you want the frame to be around your art! You will also need need are wood glue, textures or paint you want to add, nails and a hammer.

Once you gather all your supplies and the wood is cut down to fit around the artwork, you are going to glue the wood pieces together and let it dry. For extra support you want to add cross bars (they make the corners look like triangle shapes and the middle like an octagon shape). Nail the cross bars in place. To hold the cross bars in place it might be easier to lay the frame on a sheet of flat wood until everything is dry.

Take black paint and paint the cross bars so it blends well with the artwork that will be on displayed. (Try not to get any black paint on the outside of the frame). Next, glue your artwork to the frame by taking some glue and putting it all over each cross bar. When placing the artwork onto the glue make sure the spaces all around it are even! Hang it on the wall for everyone to compliment!

Image Source: ReflectionsHummingbirdFlower, Blue Whispers, Antler to Antler, Boots


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