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Selling your Art using Social Media

For the Artist | PUBLISHED 01.29.19 | AH ADMIN

Online shopping has become the most popular way to buy and sell products. Social media has become more advanced in the way of promoting and marketing products; giving the consumer easy access. Selling original art online has never been simpler with just using a link to direct the potential buyer to the website you’re selling your artwork on. If you are using ArtsyHome to sell your artwork you can simply copy and paste the URL onto your social media profile. Don’t stop there!    You then need to promote the URL so people know more about it and view your artwork for faster and more efficient sales.

This painting, by Ata Alishahi, could be displayed on social media with a caption about how the piece could brighten up a neutral room with its colorful display.

On Instagram you could display your artwork as the picture, and you want a caption that will grab the potential buyer’s attention. After that add the link of the direct page that the artwork is shown on. Don’t forget to tell your followers that you have a link to your profile filled with other artwork that they may be interested in on your profile page so you can gain a loyal relationship with your buyers.

This beautiful case, by Maco Art Glass, would look perfect on the mantel of your fireplace, or the centerpiece of your dining room table. Check out more of their art work on ArtsyHome! 

When using Facebook to promote your business of selling your art online you can create your own page off your main profile. Creating a page has many options to promote and get your name and artwork out to the public, not just your friends on Facebook. You can create the kind of audience you want just by editing who can see your posts on your page. Just like any other social media you can add the link to the website that your artwork is selling on for the customer to easily view and buy your piece!

3D printing has become a popular art today, and MeshCloud has some amazing and sleek 3D printed planters that will give your home a retro yet unique touch! 

A plus side to using social media to sell original art is that people who view the post can share it with others that may be interested in that piece of art as well. Selling artwork online is so simple, and with social media becoming the most popular way of communication for all ages this could make selling your artwork successful and fast!

Image Source: Flower DesignClear Flared Vase3D Printed Planter

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