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The Key to Making Money as an Artist

For the Artist | PUBLISHED 01.11.19 | AH ADMIN

For an artist it can be easy to create artwork but selling and getting the artwork out to the world can be tough. Even though things may start off slow, it can help to take your time showing your artwork to numerous people to get your name out there.  Use your everyday skills to market yourself and your art! For instance, most artists work in an environment that has to do with some type of design or has some relation to their inspiration. So why not use that strategy to make a name for yourself? Co-workers or even clients can help spread the word of your incredible artwork!

As an artist you have to find a flow with each cluster of artwork that you create. You could have several clusters, but just make sure they all relate to each other in some way. As an up and coming artist you might think to have all sorts of different pieces of artwork in one cluster, but that will only cause confusion for the buyers so try to keep each similar separate piece as one unit.

The online art marketplace, as well as social media, has given a new platform for independent artists and has become a great place to buy art. Selling your artwork online could bring you a large profit and following as an artist but try it out with one cluster or art pieces and see what kind of feedback you get first.  If it is more stressful than just displaying your artwork at art shows, then stick with what works best for you! Free marketing like word of mouth is an easy, efficient way to get your name out there. Don’t be afraid to tell everyone you know to check out your creative artwork!

When selling a piece of artwork make sure to give the buyer a few business cards so that they can give them to their friends and family. Having your website or email on your business cards can be extremely valuable; some people may even give you a shout out on social media when they rave over the artwork they bought from you. This could really amp up your business. There are plenty of options on how to make the most money selling your artwork, but you should try each of them out to see what works best for the great artist that you are! Best of luck!


Image Source: Featured Photo is: 'Artist City' from Luis Quentero on Pexel,  Vanishing Time Photograph by Modern Crowd, Hand Built Vessel Pottery by Helene Fielder, The Blue Stone Beach Oil Painting by Martina Mincheva fine art

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