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Jewelry | PUBLISHED 07.29.16 | AH ADMIN

Are you looking for fun, new jewelry to wear? ArtsyHome is filled with beautiful pieces of jewelry that you will fall in love with! The handcrafted pieces are hard to find anywhere else. Be the trend setter in your group of friends or family and go check out these fashionable jewelry pieces below!


This beautiful Starburst Pendant, by artist GlassDesign, comes in a few different colors. Wearing the blue can match with many different outfits. Once your friends see this piece of jewelry, they will want one too!


This multi-colored Star Pendant, by artist GlassDesign, can come with a gold or silver plate. Wear this pendant on special occasions or to the mall. You can match this pendant with a few different styles.


This stunning amethyst ring, by artist Anne Maa Designs, is imperfectly perfect. Most rings you buy will be smooth and ordinary, but with this amethyst chunk ring, it is irregular and different. If you love being different from the trends, this is the look for you.


This peacock jewelry set, by artist Mini Anil, is perfect if you love dark blues. The set is complete with a peacock necklace lock and a set of matching earrings. This would look great with a casual outfit.


These gorgeous hand painted wooden beads, by artist Cowland Studio, would be perfect for a casual day at work or evening plans. The necklace and bracelet set are lightweight and comfortable to wear all the time.


This funky necklace, by artist Wrege Designs, is perfect if you love unique jewelry. You won’t find anything like this in a store. Don’t miss your opportunity to buy it from ArtsyHome!


This simple wooden bracelet, by artist Christopher Garman, is perfect to wear with anything. Whether you’re running to the mall or going on a dinner date, this bracelet is the ideal bracelet if you don’t want to wear something too flashy.


 This plain cat scratch ring, by artist Cheekybird Jewelry, is a simple ring with some design to it. This is not an over the top ring, so if you are looking for some plain jane jewelry, this is the ring for you.


Image Source: Starburst Pendant, Star Pendant, Amethyst Chunk Ring, Peacock Jewelry Set, Handpainted Wooden Bead Necklace and Bracelet, Funky and Unique Necklace, Wooden Bracelet, Cat scratch Ring

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