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Abstract Painting

Paintings | PUBLISHED 02.20.19 | AH ADMIN

This abstract painting, by artist Khrystyna Kozyuk, portrays more of a simplistic style of abstract art. The colorful painting shows simple yet complex brushing techniques. This painting would be perfect to go in any room of the house and would be a great conversation starter.


Abstract art is not meant to be realistic but seeks to create an impression through using shapes, forms, colors and textures. It's unordinary and extremely different from the traditional art you may be used to seeing. If you are interested in buying abstract art for your home, Artsy Home has many different options which you can see below.


This painting on metal by Modern Crowd, showcases colors exploding in different directions changing from pink to purple to blue. The background has modern brush strokes of bluish gray making the colors really pop.  Hanging this painting in your basement or entertainment room will give off a lively, contemporary feel.
This abstract Vietnam War painting, by artist Van Tri Vivid Artist, is of the ancient town of Hoi An Serie. This painting was completed with multiple brushes as a base and constructed with the use of art knives.  This is an intellectual piece of art that would be a great purchase or gift for an Vietnam War Vet.
This Autumn Whisper painting, by artist Iris Forbes, is of a tree swaying in the Autumn wind. The warm colors, representing fall, shows flowers and leaves falling from a tree that appears to be swaying.  A good thing about abstract art like this is that the viewer can interpret the piece in which ever way they want to.  You may look at the painting and see one thing and have a deeper meaning from it versus someone else.  This piece is great to bring out and hang in your living room in the Autumn months.
This beautiful abstract painting, by artist Jennifer Doehring, is of a woman’s face covered by colors. This expressionistic piece, used with acrylic paint, demonstrates the intangible aspect of brush stroking.  The unique brush stroking makes this painting so interesting and original.
This abstract painting, by artist Jennifer Doehring, shows people walking in the rain holding umbrellas. This is supposed to capture a rainy work day but at first glance you may see another scene.  That’s what makes abstract art so versatile.
This painting, by artist Debi Hijuelos art, is portraying a woman in a colorful dress and hat. The brush strokes are done in vertical, horizontal and sideway angles; creating an exclusive look. The piece gives off a cool, fresh look and would be great hanging in a bathroom.
This abstract tree painting, by artist Peter Krajcovic, is completed on four different canvases. This gives you the opportunity to space them out as you would like. Behind the black tree is the beach scenery. This painting is perfect to hang in a Home Office or above your sofa in the living room.


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