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All the Cute Without the Fur

Paintings | PUBLISHED 09.30.16 | AH ADMIN

Do you find animals adorable, but don’t want or can’t have them in your home? The perfect alternative to the real thing is artwork of furry friends! You can buy paintings online, photographs, fiber art, and many more! Think of your favorite animal and check out if ArtsyHome has artwork of it! Read the rest of this article to see a few ideas that you may love! The adorable furry friends without the fur are waiting to find a home.


This painting, by artist Kerry Nelson, is of a beautiful white stallion. This painting portrays this stallion galloping to “Stallion’s Overlook”. If you are a horse lover, this is the ideal painting for your home.


This watercolor painting, by artist Philip Hilton, is of two colorful parrots. Adding this fine art print to your home will bring color to a plain white wall. This life-like painting is the closest you can get to a real parrot.


This adorable painting, by artist Ria Hills, will bring joy to your home just by glancing over at it. This cute furry friend is Yorkshire Terrier. This pup stands out against the pink background.


This painting, by artist Philip Hilton, will melt your heart. If you are a huge dog lover, this painting is right up your alley! These two dachshund puppies giving the puppy dog stare will instantly put a smile on your face with one look at the painting.  


This fiber artwork, by artist Debra Murray Designs, is of two dogs dancing together. This painting is fun and silly to put in your home.


This precious photograph, by artist Kim Levin, is of a yellow Labrador. This photograph is another perfect art piece to hang in your home if you are a dog lover. This pup is enjoying his day at the beach.

This light hearted painting, by artist Lian Zhen, is of two happy pandas. The purple, blue, and green colors help the pandas stand out from the background.



Image Source: Stallion Overlook Painting, Parrots Painting, Yorkshire Terrier Painting, Dachshund Puppies Painting, Dancing Dogs Fiber Artwork, Yellow Labrador Photograph, Pandas Painting

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