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How to Display Art in Your Home

Paintings | PUBLISHED 11.01.17 | AH ADMIN

It can be overwhelming thinking about all the ways and places your can hang your brand new artwork. These 5 tips will help you effectively display your painting and add to the style and beauty of your home!

Find the Perfect Frame

The perfect frame can enhance the impact of a painting. Observe the style of your painting to determine the frame style you should choose. For the winter landscape above, the frame matches the color pallete of the artwork and contributes to the mood of the snowy pathway.

Utilize White Backdrops

White walls allow your painting to stand out and become the centerpoint of any room. Colorful art will burst off the walls and grab everyone's attention. Abstract art with a variety of interacting colors will provide a great contrast to the clean, crisp backdrop.

Add a Great View


Even if you don't have you have that picturesque view you have always wanted, you can add beautiful nature paintings to any room in your house. You can hang abstract pieces that transport you to a snowy mountainside or realistic oil paintings that bring you to your oceanside paradise. Place these works somewhere you would enjoy seeing a nature landscape throughout the day.

Display Over Furniture

Paintings can add life to the wall space behind your sofa. Your furniture is likely a singular, neutral color, giving you the perfect opportunity to add a splash of color to your room. Choose one large painting or multiple smaller paintings to hang above your living room couch. Tip: art should be hung 6-8" above the sofa.

Create Interesting Groupings


If you have multiple works with the same style or from the same artist, it's a great idea to group them together. The different paintings will complement each other and make an eye-grabbing statement in your room. The best part is that there's no correct pattern in which to hang your art. You can change the arrangement, distance, and location to perfectly match your home!

Image Source: Winter motif with river, Keep It Together original PMS oil painting on canvas, Mountain Lake acrylic painting by Khrystyna Kozyuk, Our Access To Paradise's Voted #1 Beach On Siesta Key Florida, ORIGINAL PAINTING Large 24x48 Modern Impasto Abstract Art by Thomas John Art, Swan Lake, Shine On original abstract PMS oil painting on canvas

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