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Tips for Buying Art Online

Paintings | PUBLISHED 01.08.19 | AH ADMIN

Buying art online can be a tough process. For newcomers, the process of purchasing artwork online can have a steep learning curve. Whether you are looking for metal art or watercolor paintings, these tips will help you find the artwork you want while remaining stress-free.


Before you start, have a game plan.


Before you begin your process of browsing art for sale online, it is necessary to find an intended spot for the photograph, painting, sculpture or other art piece you are thinking about purchasing. Know which room you plan to place your new artwork, so you can judge how it will affect the feel and current style of the space.  Make sure you brainstorm some styles and colors, measure size limitations and set your budget before diving into art dealer and gallery websites. Having a solid plan before you begin searching for artwork makes the whole process easier and helps you visualize what piece will work best for you.


Learn trusted sources and reputable galleries.


First and foremost, conduct research about the source before you consider buying an art piece. If available, read reviews about online art dealers and galleries to better understand previous customer’s experiences. Learn whether the artwork is being sold by individual artists or curated by art experts. You can judge whether galleries are reputable by investigating a little. Find out about their affiliation with art fairs and international art organizations, especially nonprofit organizations such as the Art Dealers Association of America. If you can’t decide whether you can trust a gallery or dealer even after extensive research, it’s always better to be cautious.


Always know the return policy.


You should always be able to return any artwork you buy online. It can be very difficult to judge art based on pictures on a computer. Reputable online artwork galleries and art dealers know this and almost always will accommodate you. You want to check their return policy before purchasing to know how long you will have to return the artwork, how you will ship the item back, and whether the gallery will cover the shipping costs.


If you are not absolutely satisfied with what you bought, send the artwork back. There’s no use keeping expensive artwork that doesn’t completely blow you away or meet your expectations. Credible dealers understand how tough it is to buy artwork online. They will help you with every step of the online art buying process to make sure you get the best experience.


Ask questions.


Purchasing art online can be a huge investment. If you are spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on original artwork, you should feel confident in what you are buying. You should never be uncertain about any aspect of the work, the artist, or the art buying process.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions to galleries and to the artists themselves. Does the work come framed? How is the art being shipped? When did the artist create the work? Is the online picture a precise representation of the texture and color of the painting? Sometimes it can be problematic to determine specific details of the art without seeing it in person. Be very specific with your questions and have your questions answered prior to making the purchase.


Expensive isn’t always better.


Just because a piece of art is expensive does not mean it is right for you. Some expensive paintings from world renowned artists might not fit the style of the room where you plan on displaying them. Learn to recognize whether the framework of the art makes sense in your intended space.


If you find a piece you love but is out of your price range, keep looking. Most of the time you can find similar artwork at a much lower price if you search for it. You might even discover an unknown artist whose work you love. That feeling is priceless.


Be patient.


Spend a good amount of time looking at numerous galleries and artists online before deciding what you want. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the large selection out there and rush into a purchase you’ll regret. Take the time to find a piece that’s perfect for you.


Here’s a tip: make a small board and save all your favorite art you find online. Once you’ve collected your favorites, compare them to each other and eliminate options one by one. You will have a much smaller collection to choose from and it will be easier to choose the perfect artwork for your space.


Buy the art you love.


The most important part of buying artwork online is you! When it comes down to it, the only thing that matters is whether or not you love the artwork. Don’t worry about if a painting is expensive or affordable, common or obscure, prestigious or unknown. Buy the art that adds something special to your space and makes you happy. Find something that connects with you personally and inspires you. If you’re going to be spending money on art, you might as well buy what you love!


Image source: A Hike - acrylic painting by Tricia Coyle

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