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Beautiful Sculptures for your Home

Sculpture | PUBLISHED 03.04.19 | AH ADMIN

Looking for something to add to your home to make it more fun or interesting? If you aren’t into plain, boring art, sculptures are the perfect touch for your home. They can be placed on any structure in your home making it a very versatile piece that you can match up with your custom home design. Check out some of these sculptures on ArtsyHome to see what you can add to your home!


Beautiful Sculptures for your HomeBeautiful Sculptures for your HomeBeautiful Sculptures for your Home



These three pieces (from top to bottom) titled ‘Eternal Sunrise,’ ‘Deep Sea Mystery,’ and ‘Seeds for Soul’ are all made by artist Cathy Shepard.  You could put the first one on the dining room table for a little bit of extra decor or you could even put this in the bathroom on the back of the toilet. The orange, red, blue and yellow tones give it an abstract, contemporary feel.

This second blue sculpture is very appealing to the eye with its different colored blues and modern design.   This piece would be perfect in a kitchen or bedroom that needs some TLC. It could freshen up any room by being placed on a bare wall or a bureau.

The third multicolored flowered sculpture is unique combining floral and abstract designs, creating an out of the ordinary sculpture.  This art piece is a great conversation piece and could hang on a wall in your living room, giving the room a whole new exclusive look.


Beautiful Sculptures for your Home

How great is this Ancient Angel Wings sculpture by William Losch? This is a great sculpture for any memorial or even to put out on a headstone at the cemetery. This is a great way to remember a loved one.


Beautiful Sculptures for your Home

This garden art sculpture by artist Hughes Metals is exceptional and would great in any garden. Your garden may be filled with plants, flowers and bushes but don’t forget about adding unique pieces like this.  This sculpture would look beautiful and would accent the colorful flowers and green plants.


Beautiful Sculptures for your Home

This Sea Turtle Sculpture by artist Metal Elementz is great for a beach home. It is great to add to a beach home because of the nautical feel the turtle and the wave give off. Beach homes could always use more coastal decor.


Beautiful Sculptures for your Home

This dragonfly sculpture by artist Jeffrey Gill might look best outside in front of your house because of its rugged yet dainty look. This fun, playful sculpture is great for kids or butterfly lovers. If you place it by an entryway to your home kids may like to touch it to see if it’s real!


Image Source: Featured Photo: Face SculptureMulticolored sculptureAngel Wings SculptureGarden SculptureSea Turtle SculptureDragonfly Sculpture

Beautiful Sculptures for Your Home

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