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Amazing Summer Art

Wall Art | PUBLISHED 03.07.19 | AH ADMIN

Summer is the happiest time of the year. Everything is so colorful, and everyone is laid back! People are always finding new decor for their home, especially to fit the season. Here are some wonderful art pieces that fit the mood for summertime.  

melon paintingThis summer piece titled “Sliced Melons” by the artist Modern Crowd is perfect for any room in your home this summer. This piece features Honeydew, Watermelon, and Cantaloupe, all the most delicious summer fruit!

This summer piece titled “Lovers Walking On Beach Silhouette” by the artist Stephanie Oplinger Arts is extremely romantic. Who wouldn’t love walking on the beach with the person they love? This summer piece would look fantastic and would set the mood in any room.

This summer piece titled “Autumn Reflections and Boat Dock” by the artist Randy Nyhof Photography just makes you want to run and jump off this dock into the water. This piece really fits into the summer mood and would look great in a beach or lake house!

This summer piece titled “Last Fling of Summer” by artist Randy Nyhof Photography brings you back to when you were a kid. This photo makes you feel like you are a kid again, eating lunch at this picnic table under the umbrella. This photo gives you the best feeling and makes you love summer even more.

This summer piece titled “Going Deeper” by artist isaac opoku badu is fabulous. The woman walking into the ocean with the boat in front of her is the perfect scene for summer. It really makes you want to run into the ocean.

This photograph titled “Hermit Crabs” by Alexis Greenberg Photography is the best representation of summer. Think back to the beach and summertime when you were little, didn’t you have a hermit crab?


Image Source: Featured Photo: Sailboat PixabayFruit PhotoWalking on the BeachLake and DockPicnic Table on the BeachWoman walking into the OceanHermit Crabs

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