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Creative Ways to Display Your Kids Art

Wall Art | PUBLISHED 01.22.19 | AH ADMIN

Is your fridge getting cluttered by your kids’ artwork? Why not hang them in their rooms or in other rooms in the house?

If you’re not the creative type or if your brain just isn’t working today here are a few creative ideas!

1. Put the artwork in a collage form and hang them with matching frames. This will add a 3D effect to the wall as well. When your child brings home more and more artwork you can easily switch them out without taking the frames down.

2. If you take nails, clothespins and twin you can create a web of artwork. Have the kids decorate the clothespins with paint, crayons or glitter before clipping other artwork to them on the twine! This not only shows off the kid’s artwork, but it can also be a fun activity to do with them.

3. Letting the kids make their own frame is a fun activity for them and they will want to showcase their work on their walls and any wall in the house. Use a piece of cardboard and measure the artwork and add an inch or more before cutting the cardboard to size. Give your kids paint, markers, glitter or crayons and let them go to town creating more art for their art.

4. If you have more than one kid’s artwork to display try taking pictures of their art and create a poster collage. There are plenty of websites that will help you create a poster for your kids’ bedroom that will show all their artwork without having the clutter.

5. A giant framed magnetic slab, or a cork board is a great way to display your kids’ artwork. This will keep them all organized and in one place in the house. The slab or cork board could go on a blank wall in your kitchen, creating a trendy rustic look.


Creative Ways to Display Your Kids Art


All of these awesome ways to display your kids’ artwork could be a fun project to bond with your child after a long week of work. If there is a rainy day this could keep the kids occupied too. It is always exciting for kids to see the appreciation and proudness of adults looking at their hard work! 

Image Source: Fet. Photo: BallerinaColor Explosion

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