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How the "Cool" People Display Art in Their Home

Wall Art | PUBLISHED 01.09.19 | AH ADMIN

Are you wondering how the "cool" people are displaying their art? Look no further! Below are some great suggestions and trends on where to place your art in your home.

Most people save the mantel for holiday or birthday cards, but why not use that space to display artwork! The mantel is a great focal point in most houses, and there are many ways to use it to display your favorite art. You can lean the paintings against the wall behind some small sculptures or simply frame the painting and hang it above the mantel.  Tip: Try not to clutter the mantel too much, but still be creative and have fun!

Bookshelves are a great way for displaying artwork. Whether floating or mounted to the wall it is easy to showcase numerous pieces of artwork in one place. This kind of bookshelf will not take away from the artwork on display and you can easily change out the artwork without having to change the shelves.

Enormous wall paintings are becoming a very popular trend with the “cool” people! The only problem is how to display these heavy pieces when the wall might not be able to hold it. It’s as simple as leaning it up against the wall for the effect that it is big! This not only is a cool way to display the artwork, but it can be used as a focal point in any room! Therefore, nothing else should really be on display in that room.

Having artwork in the bathroom of something unexpected and a little random makes for a cool talking point for guests! The bathroom can sometimes get skipped in the unique decorating aspect of the house so why not put something on the wall to spice up the conversation!

Image Source: Featured Photo is 'Marking My Territory' original PMS geometric abstract oil painting on canvas,  Utah AutumnHuge Landscape Painting 1, Huge Landscape Painting 2, Black and White Whale,

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