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Purr-fect Home Decor for any Feline Lover

Wall Art | PUBLISHED 02.27.19 | AH ADMIN

Do you love cats? Are you looking for new decor to add to your home? Put the two together and look at the cat home decor below from ArtsyHome! Our site has great cat pieces of art to choose from for your home.
This cat painting of “Sparky” by artist Trish Booth, is a portrait of a tiger-striped house cat. This painting is simple, yet perfect for any room in your home.
This Cat Silhouette by artist Claudine Peronne, is perfect for the winter months. This sweet painting of a cat playing in the snow would go perfect above a fireplace in a cozy living room.


This colorful watercolor painting by Marjans Art, portrays the sweet, innocent aspect of kittens.  This would be a great painting for any bedroom in the house to show your love for cats.
This print of ‘Graffiti Cat’ by artist Debra Murray Designs, is fun, sassy and unique.  This print is not only a great conversation piece but it would look great in a hallway or home office!
This abstract painting of a cat by artist Kiyan, is a great painting for the kitchen. This painting can easily modernize your kitchen by giving it a modern, abstract design.  The cartoon style and colors would instantly spruce up your kitchen area.

This cat edition of the Statue of Liberty by artist Debra Murray Designs, is a unique, ‘out of the box’ idea painting that would fit perfectly in an entertainment room or basement.
This bronze sculpture of “Puss in Boots” by artist Valtis Barkans, belongs on your desk! It is small and simple but makes a statement. It’s the ideal sculpture to have if you are a cat lover!

Image Source: Featured Photo: Kittens in BasketSparky Housecat PortraitCat Silhouette in the SnowColorful KittensGraffiti CatPop Art CatCat Statue of LibertyPuss in Boots Sculpture 

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