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Tips for Buying Art Online

Paintings | PUBLISHED 11.17.17 | AH ADMIN
ArtsyHome: Tips for Buying Art Online

Buying art online can be a difficult process. For newcomers, the process of purchasing artwork online can have a steep learning curve. Whether you are looking for abstract artwork or watercolor paintings, these tips will help you find the artwork you want while keeping you stress-free.

When Buying Art as a Gift

Gifts | PUBLISHED 12.12.16 | AH ADMIN
ArtsyHome: When Buying Art as a Gift

Art can be a wonderful gift for any occasion whether it is a Christmas gift, birthday, anniversary, baby shower, or wedding gift. Venturing into art buying territory can be scary, but very personal and well worth the effort. So whether you wish to add to one's art collection, or maybe start one for a friend, keep in mind a few helpful tips:

Buying a Giclee Print

Fine Art Prints | PUBLISHED 11.08.16 | AH ADMIN
ArtsyHome: Buying a Giclee Print

Buying a Giclee Print is an excellent choice when you are in the market for Fine Art. There are several forms of Fine Art Prints and if you are not familiar with them then you may be asking yourself, "What exactly is a Giclee Print?" First, let's pronounce it correctly: Giclee (zhee-klay). The term "giclee print" connotes an elevation in printmaking technology. Images are generated from high resolution digital scans and printed with archival quality inks onto various substrates including canvas, fine art, and photo-base paper. The giclee printing process provides better color accuracy than other means of reproduction.

All the Cute Without the Fur

Paintings | PUBLISHED 09.30.16 | AH ADMIN
ArtsyHome: All the Cute Without the Fur

Do you find animals adorable, but don't want or can't have them in your home? The perfect alternative to the real thing is artwork of furry friends! You can buy paintings, photographs, fiber art, and many more! Think of your favorite animal and check out if ArtsyHome has artwork of it! Read the rest of this article to see a few ideas that you may love! The adorable furry friends without the fur are waiting to find a home.

Abstract Art

Paintings | PUBLISHED 09.30.16 | AH ADMIN
ArtsyHome: Abstract Art

Abstract art is the perfect art to chose from to hang in any room of your home. It can be very simple with many colors or it can be a painting of a woman. If you are interested in buying abstract art for your home, Artsy Home has many different options. Read the rest of this article to see some of the fine pieces Artsy Home holds on their website. There are many more on the website if you do not see the one for you in this article!

28th Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival

Events | PUBLISHED 09.30.16 | AH ADMIN
ArtsyHome: 28th Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival

Now in its 28th year, the Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival's big white tent is on the move again and will be located closer to the Balloon Fiesta than ever before! It draws national artists to the NM art scene and promotes Albuquerque and New Mexico as art destinations for tourists. Spread the word about the new location of the 28th Annual Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival, and come join the fun!

Purrfect Home Decor for any Feline Lover

Paintings | PUBLISHED 08.03.16 | AH ADMIN
ArtsyHome: Purrfect Home Decor for any Feline Lover

Are you looking for new decor to add to your home? Do you love cats? Put the two together and look at the cat home decor ideas below from ArtsyHome! This site has great pieces of art to choose from for your home! Read the rest of the article to see which is your favorite!

Selling your Art Using Social Media

Glass | PUBLISHED 08.16.17 | AH ADMIN
ArtsyHome: Selling your Art Using Social Media

Online shopping has become the most popular way to buy and sell things. Social media has also become more advanced in the way of promoting your websites for people to easily access. Selling original art online has never been more simple with just using a link directly to the website you're selling artwork on. If you are using ArtsyHome to sell your artwork you can simply copy and paste the URL onto your social media profiles, but there is more! You then need to promote the URL so people know more about it and view your artwork for faster and more efficient sales!

How the "Cool" People Display Art in Their Home

Wall Art | PUBLISHED 08.23.17 | AH ADMIN
ArtsyHome: How the

Floating bookshelves are the new trend for displaying artwork. A floating bookshelf is simply piece of wood mounted into the wall and painted the same color as the wall so you can barely tell it is there! This kind of bookshelf will not take away from the artwork on display and you can easily change out the artwork without having to change the shelves.

The Key to making Money as an Artist

For the Artist | PUBLISHED 09.14.17 | AH ADMIN
ArtsyHome: The Key to making Money as an Artist

For an artist it can be easy to create artwork, but selling and getting the artwork out there can be a tough start. Things may start off slow, and sometimes it helps to take your time showing artwork to different people to atleast get your name out there! Use your everyday skills to market yourself! For instance, most artists work