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Abigail Marie Markov

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About Abigail Marie Markov
As described by Steve Mount, a close friend of the artist:

"Ask Abigail Marie where she finds her inspiration, and she searches for just the right thing to say. It is a big question, and not every artist has an answer. "Everything," she eventually replies.

When you look at her work, you can't help but agree. Her art is distinctive in its technique, but with her range of subject matter, anyone can find a piece with a personal appeal.

In one piece, the colors are bright and joyful, evoking the wealth of emotion you get as you roll around in the grass with your child.

In another, the colors are dark and brooding, giving you the feeling you're looking into someone's soul. But even in the midst of the darkness, there is light, illustrating her belief that all things are possible.

Abigail Marie invites you to browse her collection. She hopes you find a piece that makes you want to roll around in the grass, or to gaze into your soul to see your possibilities."
Artist Statement

I paint.

I paint because I was convinced Bob Ross worked magic as a child. Because my therapist said that it’s a better hobby than jumping off of bridges. Because I love color. Because I feel sexy covered in paint. Because it’s cheaper than buying art for my house. Because oil paint smells good. Because paint brushes are beautiful. Because I get closer to inner peace with every painting. Because it scares me. Because I can.

But most of all, I paint because I want to. I paint for me.

I’m not out to change the world. I’m not trying to convince people to believe or change things. I’m not out after some deeper philosophical meaning or to communicate ideals. My work isn’t altruistic or political or religious. It’s small scale, on the level of the individual. When it comes to my painting, I don’t give a damn about your movements, your social justice, or your large scale big picture.

I paint for selfish reasons.

I paint because I love it. Because it’s easier to address and understand what I’m feeling and dealing with when it’s on canvas in front of me than it is when it’s inside my own head. Because creating something beautiful inspired by pain makes the pain easier to deal with; it makes having to wake up and deal with the pain worthwhile. Because I’d rather create something than wallow or whine. Because it’s more satisfying than cleaning. Because my brain shuts up when I paint. Because my heart is lighter when I work. Because it’s teaching me patience and acceptance and zen and other life lessons I’ve not been able to learn other ways.

I paint for me.

I paint, and that is what matters most to me. After the paint is dry, when my work is done? The meaning, the implications, the motives, the effects? That I leave to the critics, collectors and historians. I’m just the painter.

I paint.

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November 24th, 2011

by Abigail Marie Markov

this may get complicated

by Abigail Marie Markov

and think of me

by Abigail Marie Markov

Resistance -Original Abstract Oil Painting

by Abigail Marie Markov

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