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About Michael Nicholas
An interdisciplinary artist with over 30 years experience creating in multiple mediums and disciplines including visual art, writing, music, and theater.

Based in New York City, I was born in Los Angeles, where I began making art as a single child in a single-parent, working-class household, which meant I seldom had the means to buy art materials. I believe this led to a certain resourcefulness—I used whatever I could find to draw, paint, and build with. In my early teens I began writing and making music alongside visual art, and upon leaving high school I worked first as a recording engineer and then as a graphic designer in and around Hollywood for about a decade.

I then decided to move to Europe to study music composition, and lived and studied there for 11 years before returning to the US to get my PhD at the University of Califonia Berkeley. Upon completion of the degree I relocated to NYC to pursue a career as an independent interdisciplinary artist.
Artist Statement

For me, art is a way of seeing and understanding the world. I am equally at ease using many different materials, and have created a diverse and distinct body of work consisting of paintings, sculpture, works on paper, mixed media, and installations. I am constantly questioning and challenging assumptions and norms. The questions I ask inform the ideas behind my work—What is reality? What is truth? Why do we accept societal norms which are harmful to society?

But I equally see my exploration of new materials as a questioning of the material world around me. How do these materials mix? How do different kinds of light affect them on this surface? I often find metaphors which bridge these immaterial and material concepts, such as intimacy as a mode of working, closely examining the materials with all of my senses. I also strive to create an intimate experience in the viewer of my work, so that closer attention is rewarded with greater detail and deeper meaning.

In my Sky series, for example—a series of square (36 x 36 in.) mixed media paintings—I started from the fact that when we look up at the sky on a clear day, the reality of the universe—where the planet Earth is located within the galaxy—remains hidden. It is obscured by light. The blue light reflected in the atmosphere is all we can see, apart from a few bright objects which are nearby, such as the sun, moon, and some of the nearer planets.

More recently I made a return to text-based works, including Subtexts, a series in progress which illuminates how our understanding of certain words and concepts can become corrupted, and a series entitled Dialogues, which uses word pairs to explore and suggest new meanings through these pairings.

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The all-seeing, ever-watching abyss by Michael Nicholas

by Michael Nicholas

Obscured by light by Michael Nicholas

by Michael Nicholas

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