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Adib Fattal

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About Adib Fattal
Adib Fattal was born in 1962 in Washington D.C As the son of a diplomat, Adib spent most of his life in Europe, the United States and the Middle East. He graduated with a B.B.A in International Marketing from the City University of New York. Having spent some years in the field of business and banking, Adib decided to abandon it and dedicate himself to his original love : graphic art.
At present , he lives on a farm in Lebanon at the foot of Mount Hermon where he paints, farms and looks after his dog, cat, and a large collection of birds including a clever parrot.
Artist Statement

I would love to believe that one of these days I will have my own special school of art, which would be a combination of Primitive Naive Folk art with Middle Eastern art.
I will feel the most successful if I become almost instantly recognized by anyone who sees one of my paintings. Infact I do believe that a painters unique style is more important than the content of his/her paintings.
I also believe that one of the "duties" of the artist is to make the public happy when they look at one of his/her paintings.
This I also think should be the case , particularly in a world with alot of sadness. I thus hope to make my viewer in a better mood after looking at my paintings.

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a Picnic Under a Bridge

by Adib Fattal


by Adib Fattal


by Adib Fattal

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