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About Adrian

I grew up in Brooklyn NY where the landscape outside my window was the beach and Amusement Park of Coney Island. Even as a child, I always loved coloring, photography and crayons. Art fills me with a sense of accomplishment and allows for my creative spirit to run free, while also giving me the opportunity to tap into the artistic expressions of people, and unlock their inner artist. Over the years, the artistic process led me in a new direction, from hobby to Artist.

I utilize various styles that are uplifting and excite me, while combining luxurious overtones of colors and patterns to create versatile pieces of art. Iím continuously experimenting with subjects, textures and colors that are creatively edgy, giving each design its own personality and mood. Each new piece gives me a sense of fulfillment when itís completed and itís truly exciting not knowing what you are going to create, just letting your inner artist take over.
My designs are a reflection of what I consider to be vibrant and diverse with a twist of untraditional.

Artist Statement

My Art covers many different styles, such as Abstract Art, Modern Art, and Abstract Photography. I create my designs utilizing various patterns and styles that inspire me. The creative process fills me with a sense of accomplishment, and has provided me with a conduit for translating my inner vision to outer reality. The freedom to express myself allows me to follow my own rules, using my instincts to create each new piece when inspired to create something new. Every design is like opening a surprise package. Itís something that I've given to myself, but also something that I want to share with others. I invite you to explore each of my art galleries. In so doing, youíll get to know me better. Perhaps, youíll get to know your artistic side better too.

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