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Safa Hosseini
About Safa Hosseini
Safa Hosseini - Sculptor and Painter
Was born in April 1980 in Tehran, Iran

Art Career since 2006
Continuous Member - Association of Iranian Sculptors

2016 - M.A. in Painting, Faculty of Arts and Architecture in Islamic Azad University
2004 - B.A. in Sculpture, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University

Awards and Achievements
2005 - 2016 participation in several Solo and Group Exhibitions in Iran, U.A.E and France

2016 - Set up of 2 Urban Sculptures in Nahjolbalaghe Garden in Tehran and Mehrshahr in Karaj
2014 - Balance Collection sold-out, Purchased by Mr. Soroush Eskandari; Iranian Art Collector
2013 - Set up of 4 Urban Statues in Tehran, Karaj and Mashhad
2011 - Set up of "The Wheels of Life" Sculpture (Selected Sculpture in First Urban Sculptures Biennial) in Javanmardan Garden in Tehran
2010 - Winner of First Place in Young Art Festival for Sculpture
2009 - Certificate of Appreciation for Participation in First Zanjan Snowy Festival
2007 - Winner of Top Place in designing of a Sculpture for International Communication Center of Tehran
2007 - Sales of Sculpture by Saba Cultural Center in 5th Sculpture Biennial
2006 - Certificate of Appreciation for Participation in International Resistance Festival

2006 - Tehran Times Newspaper, July 04
2006 - Shargh Newspaper, Aug. 22
2006 - TV4, IRIB, An Interview by Baran Ala for Negarestan Program
2006 - Tandis Visual Art Magazine, Annual Sculpture, An Article by Hamid Eini
2007 - Iran Sculpture Magazine
2012 - Hamshahri Newspaper, Aug. 12
2016 - Iran Arts News Agency, July 09
Artist Statement

Art plays a very important role in human’s life. The pictures drawn by an artist in a gallery, a fascinating poem or even the graphics in a game are the real instances of art. Art stimulates different parts of our brains to make us laugh or incite us to riot, with a whole gamut of emotions in between. The variety of art occurs based on the geographic locations, culture, religion and etc. Limitations, however, as a negative factor, are another reason of variety of art. Religion can both inspire and limit the art. Islamic style painting, rugs and carpets, tiling, hard stone carving and many more are the enchanting examples of Islamic art. In the other hand, limitations in Islamic art are the forbiddance of using nudity and certain words, or drawing. It is obvious that with such limitations, delivering a message via art in some points is impractical.
As a sculptor, I live in a country where a certain culture, religion and line of thinking is chosen for people and behaving out of this code of conduct which opposes their principles is rejected and an apostate.
Therefore, I have always been interested in discovering how people live in other countries because lifestyle and geographical line have a significant impact on how an artist thinks and creates his/her art. This residency program provides me with an opportunity to compare my intellectual frameworks and thinking patterns with those of other artists in my line of work in a residency program.
I aim to do this comparison on both professional and social levels and find out how much intellectual limitations or freedom can affect an artist’s line of thought. Have the restrictions imposed on me (by society) made me know myself and improve my intellectual growth better? Or have they stopped me?

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Balance collection

by Safa Hosseini

Looking for Reality collection

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Drop in Timeless Spaces collection

by Safa Hosseini

Drop in Timeless Spaces collection

by Safa Hosseini

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