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My Artist Statement

We work as designers and ceramics artists, who create a brand called Agarta Ceramic Project.
We design and create original handmade everyday objects that are intriguing, elegant and unique. Lamps, centrepieces, candlesticks, teapots, tea bowls and cups ...
We tend to gravitate toward simple, clean and aesthetic form. Materials that we use are porcelain, fireclay, glass, copper, brass, iron, stone, wood. We like to combine the old items with new, giving them a new function.
Everything we shape is unique and from our own freehand. We do not use potter's wheel, or ceramic molds.
The ceramics are fired at 1300 degrees celsius,
special and unique effects arise from the combination of glass and glazes that melt at the such high temperatures.
In the catalog are current items.

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I am located in Amsterdam, .

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