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My Artist Statement

After several years of work in graphic techniques, painting, sculpture, and art installations, I am now reaching my artistic maturity, as I am creating art, using all my experiences as an artist and a person, an Armenian by origin, born and raised in Bulgaria, and now working in The United States.
In my work I combine the bright colors of the east, the Slavic mentality, and my views of the modern world, the inner force of the icons and dynamics of the contemporary world.
With my work I'd like to discover beauty in everything, its meaning, its independent existence. I'd like to reveal everything which surrounds us - words, objects, sounds, feelings, and signs.
My goal is to be directed by my instincts and my emotions while creating, to be influenced by the subconscious view of the image and the idea of merging with my art beyond the level of my five senses.
I strive to awaken associations and emotions in the viewer that would bring him to the same spiritual state as I am in while working, not by shocking him but by inviting a closer scrutiny of the world.
My credo, my emotions and feelings, my thoughts, memories and insights, my troubles, joys and dreams are all in my works.

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I am located in Bergenfield, NJ.

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