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Inga Shteinberg

Brooklyn, NY

About Inga Shteinberg

Inga Shteinberg -BIO

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I was born in Tbilisi Georgia in 1950 in economist family. In 1968 i started to study in Art Academy and took 4 curses there. I continued education in Moscow in Stroganoff Art Academy, where i transferred in 1972. In 1974 i maigered Stroganoff Art Academy In 1976 i started my Art career in Moscow as a painter. I was participating in major national, international, group and solo exhibitions, and in 1983 i was granted as a member of Art Union of USSR. In 1992 i lived and worked in Art Village in Israel. Since 1997 i live in New York.

Besides showing my work in numerous galleries, I have been participate in the following shows: Major International Exhibitions
Participant of major international exhibitions in Russia & Europe ? 1976-1992 Group Exhibitions Group exhibition, Delann Gallery, Princeton, NJ 1999
Group show, Agora Gallery, SOHO, NY 1997 Group show. in "Artrageous Gallery" of Fine Arts, 313 Columbus av. NY, USA 1998
Winner of competition of Group show, Agora Gallery, SOHO, NY 1998
Group exhibition Gallery Gordon 30, Tel Aviv, Israel 1994
International exhibition, Japan 1992-1993
Two person exhibition, Germany, Munich, Frankfurt 1991-1992
Art House, Moscow, Russia, 3 artist exhibition 1991
Art House, Moscow, Russia 1983 Personal Exhibitions
Art House, Tel Aviv, Israel 1995 Personal exhibition in Art house, Tbilisi, Georgia 1986

Sold Paintings
"Artrageous Gallery" of Fine Arts, 313 Columbus av., NY,USA, /Violinist/, /Ocean/ 1998
Martal, Montreal", Canada. /Tbilisi/, /Maidan/, 1995
"Gallery Gordon 30, Tel Aviv", Israel. /Jerusalem/ 1993
"Tretyakov Gallery", Moscow, Russia. /Fair/ 1990 "Museum of Art", Yuzhnosahalinsk, Russia. /Petropavlovsk/, 1990
"Museum of Art", Yuzhnosahalinsk, Russia. /Fish Farmer/, /Arhangelskoe/ 1989
"Museum of Modern Art", Kutaisi, Georgia. /Tiflis/ 1988 "Museum of Modern Art", Kutaisi, Georgia. /Muse/ 6 paintings 15x15 inch 1987
"Museum of Arts", Tbilisi, Georgia. /Still-life Art/ 1986 Private Collections, Canada,France,England,Germany,Japan, Russia 1984-Present

Artist Statement

Artists life looks like a cycles of creations, in which 1 cycle starts from the idea, remains the whole creation process and ends when some masterpiece is created.
When i am creating my artwork i put my love into it. I live with it, learn through understanding the nature and express my thoughts and feelings into it until the end of creation. Then the painting separates from me and exists by itself. But any painting tells some story about it's creator to viewer.

The artworks that i am presenting you are created in last 5 years in New York where i live now. It is oil paintings and digital art. They are about New York. I hope that my artworks will speak to your hard, will remind you some thing from your life.

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New York City

by Inga Shteinberg



by Inga Shteinberg


Brooklyn Bridge

by Inga Shteinberg


Brooklyn Bridge...

by Inga Shteinberg


Empire Building

by Inga Shteinberg


New York Image ...

by Inga Shteinberg


New York Image

by Inga Shteinberg


US of America

by Inga Shteinberg