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My Artist Statement

On our farm, I find a deep sense of spirituality through natural materials. I am inspired by nature's amazing and unusual wood knots, wood grains and shapes which I find on the land. I like to combine seemingly unrelated items which in turn form a fluid unit, as if they always were joined or meant to be together. I have been working with particular types and shape of woods, shed antlers, stones and healing crystals. I take great pleasure in creating uplifting and spiritual pieces, each of which has its own combined energy and nature story. That to me is very gratifying.

Many of my pieces include crystals or stones. I make sure any large crystals or stones are not affixed to give the purchaser the ability to change the appearance and feel as desired.

I do take custom orders for individuals who may have items that are meaningful to them and would like a commissioned piece for display, or from those who are looking for something more specific. I enjoy working on these collaborative projects.

I hope that you will enjoy your Air Bear creation.

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I am located in Carlisle, Kentucky.

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