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About Amanda Jo Moore

Amanda Moore is a self-taught artist specializing in acrylics guided by a flare of what is newly termed as Contemporary Suggestivism. Her passion for wildlife conservation and understanding the natural world that surrounds us fuels her imagination for her imagery. She is best known for her hauntingly surreal visions which evoke a magical tenderness, uniting the beautiful relationships between nature and spirit.

Artist Statement

Less than a year ago I found myself barefoot at dawn, under a thick jungle canopy in Costa Rica. I was surrounded by the calls of what sounded like hundreds of howler monkeys calling out to one another above. I was alone and there was a heavy morning mist. I was captivated by the beauty of it all, how alive the land felt, how primal their language sounded bouncing off of the flora and fauna of their natural habitat.
It occured to me how important these moments were, where the separation between man, animal, and plant was utterly obsolete.
When I returned home two weeks later, I began painting multiple canvases at once. I couldn't help myself, I had to get these images and emotions out of my head and heart.
Five months later, Hypnopompic Salutations was completed.
My goal was to visually portray the connection between what I had experienced and the emotional similarities I encountered with these animals and their environment.
From the monkeys to the tapirs that calmly rested in the rivers as we passed by,
their eyes and presence had so much to say without ever making a word.

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