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Andrea Allen, born in Tucson, Arizona, creates combined media fine art as well as private and public commissions. Currently she lives and works in San Francisco, California. She uses materials such as paint, metal, rope, polyurethane resin, and found objects. Color, line and texture are prominent design elements in her work. A majority of her work is sculptural, combining organic, abstract, and colorful details. Andrea’s inspiration comes from human relationship dynamics, nature, personal reflection, and interpretation of materials. Her business PATRONelic ARTISTRY allows her to create personalized artwork from private commissions which incorporate a patron’s relics with her chosen media.

Andrea received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Arizona, graduating with honors in three- dimensional studio art. She also studied abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France, studying painting in the same landscapes painted by the Impressionist masters Cezanne and Van Gogh. Andrea’s professional experience includes directing and curating exhibits for two galleries, The Shadowbox Gallery and Kachina Lounge Gallery, on the University of Arizona Campus. She has assisted three prominent Tucson artists, Carrie Seid, Joyce Crain, and Nicholas Burke. Her duties included all facets of art production, from Public Art Commissions such as a bronze bust of Epes Randolph for Reed Park and an outdoor glass waterway for Flowing Wells Community Center. Andrea has also worked as an exhibits fabricator for museums such as the Carnegie Natural History Museum of Pittsburg and the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.

She exhibited her work in several group exhibitions and had a solo show, “Touching the Surface” at the Kachina Lounge Gallery. This exhibition pushed the boundaries of traditional art media and inspired a review by Margaret Reagan for the Tucson Weekly. Reagan said, “Allen not only touches lightly on large themes about consumption and about the body; she does her bit to clean up Tucson’s trash.” Her work has been exhibited in public settings like the Arizona State Credit Union, Feast restaurant, Dinnerware Contemporary Arts Gallery, Originate Natural Building Materials Showroom, Encore, and currently City Art Gallery of San Francisco.

Artist Statement

Andrea Allen Artist Statement
My desire to be in the business of making things has conflicted with my disdain for wastefulness. The majority of my material belongings in life have been secondhand, influencing my fascination in taking seemingly disposable objects and putting them into a new context. I started this creative process through altering old clothes to form them to fit my “identity”. When you are young, identifying how you fit into society is very important. We are taught early on that the more we know about ourselves the more successful we will be. Much could be said about the discovery of self just by researching the objects we surround ourselves with. I play with the idea of these associations. And how we are able to learn or unlearn the meanings of things.
Color, line, form, and texture are prominent design elements in my sculptures. My abstract artwork incorporates found objects, rope, resin, paint and metal. In working with different materials I find humor and connections that enhance my intuitive discoveries. The combinations and patterns are endless. I strive for both simplicity and mystery - blurring boundaries between the conscious and unconscious, allowing the viewer to gather their own impression.
Inspiration comes from themes such as human relationships, identity, nature, and consumption. Through visual art I enjoy philosophizing and articulating our common problems. Does our progress come from new ideas or recycled ideas in a new context?
Throughout life we all follow the threads that drive us to be who we are and what we believe. Observing the threads of the human condition influences my work greatly. Like a tapestry, everything is connected to everything else. On a grander scale, according to physics our universe appears to be made up of very tiny vibrating “strings” creating matter and energy. Our perspective is always changing and expanding and so does our universe.

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