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Alireza Mirzarezaee
Was born in 1971, Tehran - Iran

Art Category: Drawing, Painting
Artistic Career since 1994

2000- Master of Art in Painting, Tehran, Iran
1991- Art Diploma from School of Fine Arts, Tehran, Iran
1997- Excellent Calligraphy Degree from Association of Iranian Calligraphers

12 years of Drawing and Painting training with famous Iranian Art Instructors such as Moslemian, Motabar, Vakili, Nedaei, Etminani, Firouzei, Maleki

Art Activities
- Continuous Member of Association of Iranian Painters
- Participating in more than 20 Solo and Group Exhibitions
- Participating in Painting Biennials by Iran Museum of Contemporary Art

2017- Winner of "Best Acrylic" Award in 49th Annual International Juried Competition of SCA (Society of Canadian Artists), Toronto, Canada
2017- Selected Artist to publish his works and resume in ArticulAction Magazine, Special Edition 2017, London, UK
2017- Certificate of Honorable Mention from London International Creative Competition, London, UK
2016- Certificate of appreciation for Sales from Association of Iranian Painters, Tehran, Iran
2007- Plaque of Honor from Iran Painting Biennial by Iran Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran
2002- Certificates of appreciation for participating in Iran; Land of Peace Festival, Tehran, Iran
1998- Certificates of appreciation from Special Diseases Foundation for Exhibition in Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran
1998- Certificates of appreciation from Children Rights Foundation for Exhibition in Shafaq Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran
1997- Golden Brush Statue and Plaque of honor as one of the top 10 participants in Iran Painting Biennial by Iran Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran

My Artist Statement

The first impression, looking into my paintings is my ability and efforts in creating a stable and steady composition. My painting world offers poetic and dreamy environment while strongly resists sentimentalism and fleeting emotionalism and keep its distance from falling into a purely romantic and thoughtless state. Visual rhythms and formal swings are the most important features in my paintings composition. In this process, something like the futurist behavior with figure is formed and an alternate movement possesses the canvas and the viewer's eye.

Objects and figures are in distance, taken away, they are flying or are seen in a colorful outer space. In creating my paintings, I benefit from an applicable exciting visual expressive language and line orientation and forms are more important than coloring. My coloring palette is not so diverse, but my dancing and intensity of brush in canvas beside sharp contrast and taking advantages of white areas in my canvas play a leading role in creating an epic and influential painting.

Although my painting world clearly indicates a figurative look into my subjects, but in some of my works the border between figurative and abstract is very narrow and it creates a new space between Figuratism and Abstraction. In this atmosphere, a bird flies faraway, a rigid and silent figure moves and in another place and a flowing spirit passes a silent and steady body.

It seems that my works with a symbolic expression show the distance and closeness of body and soul.

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