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About Annalisa Ramondino

Annalisa Ramondino was born in Palma de Majorca. She lives and works in Rome.

The objets-trouvès, and the ready-mades, things that usually are thrown away, are raw

material for the artist's work. Her sculptures, made of old wood, iron, old zinced sheet

metal, are transfigured objets-trouvés, pieces of material placed in another context,

bricolage-narrations, where materials are stratified in a coherent array of heterogeneous

The main themes of Annalisa Ramondino's sculpture are: "War Game", "Utopian Cities",

The "War Game" is composed of several war devices. The encampment tents, named "Command

Tents", made of sheet metal, remind us of the famous tent on the fresco "Constantine's

Dream" by Piero della Francesca: in them the antique solemnity of it doesn't vanish. Then

there are the "Belligerent", big funnels with wheels and flags, the "Darkroom's Towers"

that present themselves as observation machines, the "Revolving Chimneys", obtained from

overturned drainpipes, the "Imaginary Towers" made of wire from which other wires spring

out bearing flashing airplanes, pieces of glass, flags.
Other works are the "Utopian Cities", microurbane constructions, in which the artist

shows a great interest for the language of materials. The "Residual Cities" are composed

of towers made of old painted wood, whose tops are either squared or cuspated, their

surfaces are marked by time. The tower is a prototype that by repeating itself in various

dimensions and heights, in the assemblage as houses or towers, compose archaic, towered,

medieval cities, downtowns, acropolis. A sense of immutability and at the same time of

tenacious survival comes from these constructions, like a presence and like a memory.

Some other buildings are made of iron net like the transparent skyscraper entitled "Great

Building Of Air Gages".
The "Factories" are little constructions made of white or gray sheet metal with big

chimneys. They are Recreated, in the way one can recreate an architecture of the memory,

showing a simpler form and some sharp details. Factories which make you think about the

work, hard work, even if useful, but also about the buildings themselves, motionless, on

Sundays, seen from faraway.
Dai suoi numerosi viaggi ha tratto ispirazione e materiali per la ricerca artistica che

porta avanti da tempo.
Her many travels are a source of inspiration and materials for her artistic research.

She has exhibited in: Florence, Rome, Naples, Bologna, Cologne, Paris,
In 1994 she obtained a special Mention of the Miart jury in Milan.
She participated in: Artissima/Lingotto, Turin; Arte Fiera, Bologna, Palazzo delle

Esposizioni, Rome; Paris

Foremost Exhibitions in:

2010 - August 14th - Video “Di aria e di guerra” – in ZE-IT.GE Schloss Museum Sinzig
2010 - “Arte e Gioco in Mostra” Via Larga Gallery - Florence
2010 – “Arte e Gioco in Mostra” Museum Pinacoteca Comunale di Gaeta – Gaeta
2008 – “Arte e gioco in mostra”– Museum Complesso Monumentale San Michele - Rome
2006 - "Arte e gioco in mostra " - Museo Civico di Castel Nuovo (Maschio Angioino) -

2004 - Rassegna d'arte contemporanea sul tema "Giochi e giocattoli" presso il "Museo del

giocatolo tradizionale", Albano di Lucania
1995 - "La parola e lo sguardo"Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome
1994 - Femail Art 94 (segnalata da M. Bentivoglio) Museo dell'informazione Senigallia

2006 - 2007 "Costruzioni " - Galleria Giulia - Rome
2005 - "Fabbriche" - Galleria Liberalarte - Rome
2003 - "Alice nella città" Galleria l'Ariete - Bologna
2003 - Fiera d'Arte contemporanea, Strasburg
2002 - "Art Vienna" Austria
2001 - Galleria Giulia, Roma
2001 - MIART, Milano
1999 - "Città utopiche" Galleria Giulia - Rome
1997 - "Favole di pace e di guerra" - Galleria Antonia Jannone - Milan
1996 - "Costruzioni" - Associazione Culturale Archarchivio Fototografico Parisio - Naples
1998 - Arte Fiera, Bologna
1997 - Arte Fiera, Bologna
1996 - Arte Fiera, Bologna
1996 - "Boites Magiques" (segnalata da Anne-Marie Sauzeau) Alliance Francaise, Bari
1995 - Arte Fiera, Bologna
1994 - Art Cologne, Koln (Germany)
1994 - Arte Fiera, Bologna
1994 - Artissima, Lingotto, Turin
1994 - MIART, Milano Menzione speciale della Giuria
1994 - "La Decouverte" Paris
1994 - Galleria Philippe Daverio, Milan
1994 - "Artissima" Lingotto, Turin
1994 - "Oidonk '94" Belgio (segnalata da Piet Bekaert)
1993 - "Attualissima" Florence
1993 - "Lineart 93" Gand (Belgium)

2007 - 1° Price Medal of the President of the Italian Republic - for "Interni residuali"

- XIX Porticato Gaetano
1994 - Menzione speciale della Giuria, Miart, Milano 1994

Artist Statement

My sculptures are made of assembled materials ad objects that already have an history of

their own: they can be some piece of wood - taken from broken boats abandoned on beaches,

or thrown doors or beams from demolished houses - that shows many pelled off layers of

old multicolored painting; it can be a sheet of metal whit rusty spots, with scratches

and any sort marks; they can be old objects, fragments of things I found in my travels.
I choose them for their beauty. I'm sorry if something beautiful is thrown away: I want

to save, rebuild, I want to create a new story.

My Artist Video

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