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Ali Sabouki
About Ali Sabouki
I am Ali Sabouki and I was born on September 21, 1985 in Shiraz. At an early age while I was exploring my interests in art I was fortunate enough to discover my passion for photography and Art Design.
I attended the University of Art in 2008, choosing Set Design as my major, meanwhile I experienced working as a designer in cinema and theater. Although photography is my main media, I use other tools as music and sculpture and performance in creating my artworks as well. After all that, my main specialty is portrait and conceptual photography now. I also teach conceptual portrait photography in art institutes.
Artist Statement

If my photos have a mission, it is this: to put the human being before their inner forgotten truthfulness and to open up a gate toward those infinite galaxies of their spirits. An anecdote about being left and abandoned, emptiness and wandering of the current human being that all of us have in common all over the world. A captured moment in between the worlds... an effort that art puts for saving man.

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Embraces by Ali Sabouki

by Ali Sabouki

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