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Dave Wertz The focus of my work is three-dimensional fine art. All work is hand fabricated using various combinations of forging and welding. The technique is as ancient as it is modern and cutting edge. I employ a vast array of tools and equipment to achieve the modern function filling sleekness or the appearance that something was just recovered from antiquity. In the same way the patinas, paints and finishes run the full length and width of the spectrum. I confine most of my work to cold rolled mild steel, but that is not to say that I don't imbue the art with some exotic metals from time to time. I love the curve and seek it out in all of it's glory and wonder. As my career evolves and shifts I have the opportunity to see the curve in the female form, in the abstract as well as the stylized and functional. I seek to share the excitement and mystery of this life with the viewer on the platform of art. The Series: As I evolve as an artist certain trends and styles are apparent upon reflection. One of my strongest intuitive inclinations has been to work in "Series". When I create a work using a new style, idea or concept I review and evaluate the strengths and weakness of not only the finished work but the processes and skills that were needed to bring it to fruition. If find myself intrigued I consider the known limits and possible expansions of them in regard to my present understanding and skill. Then if the potential appears to be strong enough that the emerging work will support itself aesthetically and challenge me mentally and skill wise, I embark upon another series. This is a process of allowance and understanding just how far concepts can move, the interrelationship that occurs between the physical manipulation of metal and the emergence of inspiration as ideas. Musical: The relationship between the musician and the instrument. The place where the musician ceases to exist and becomes the music. The place where the music touches our souls. Guitar Man - Fat Boy - Fat Boy Plays the Blues - Way Phat - & 8 more. Abstract Wall Pieces: Painting with metal the exploration of shape and texture against the construct of design. Playing within the areas normally reserved for painters. Seeking to capture the feeling of color by using the third dimension. Stranger in a Foreign land - Low Latitude Heart Break - Streak of Infidelity - Sheet Metal Grin - & 22 more. Architectural Work & Furniture: Moving the idea and concept of art into the utilitarian arena stretches my art into the engineering field. My brain loves it and hates it. It is worth the headaches and sleepless nights to achieve this difficult mix and create a pleasing and workable idea that can be implemented and used. Tango Table - Floating Table - Rosenoff Staircase - Harmond Staircase - & 37 more Women: The ultimate challenge to attempt to experience women as other women do and then convey that in a medium that is not only hard and cold but only moves when it is red hot. I am sure I have not even come close but the experience has changed my life and the interaction of women and my women art is always touching and heartfelt. Coalition of Memories - Retreat to Incomprehensible self - Lola - Lightin' - & 31 more Free Standing Abstracts: The feeling of running free with no limits, that is what this series has offered me. Rough, jagged, smooth and polished and all things in between. This is the place where my soul smiles and my heart jumps and I can convey the excitement of life and wonder. To learn that this works and that does not, not to learn that in my brain so I can replicate it but to understand it in my heart so I can relate to the viewer some of the questions of this world that can not be framed by words. Disinifity - Suffocation of Light - 12 Degrees Left and 47 Minutes - Flat Footing to Electric Music - & 35 more. Crucifixions: This series is a parallel to "Women Series" these are all female figures in some configuration of crucifixion. This is my attempt to offer to each and every woman the understanding that this world is not fair and that women have carried more than their fair share of burden and pain as they have walked through this experience we call life. The attempt to understand from a women's perspective and then to communicate that via my work. Crucifixion 1 - 26 Lizards: Well they are just fun. More than fun, they are a technical reflection of this craft. I make lizards because they teach me so much about my material and technique. Plus it is about personality. The truth is it is not easy to get personality out of a piece of steel. So to achieve personality is a treat for me as the artist, and the fun comes from seeing the interaction between them and the viewer. Stormy - Joe Romeo - Sugar - Sneaky - & 15 more Volume and Vessels: In the search for the "perfect curve" I seek out vessels. Compound curves are not an easy endeavor when I seek them out of steel. Technically they challenge me but more so aesthetically. To bring a combination of curves together in a form that conforms to a pleasing and comfortable shape is a great joy. As I travel this path, I am forever consumed by the wonder of curves, and I occasionally find one that speaks to the work. Port-Au-Prince 1982 - True Lies - Neurotic Embrace - Neck Bones & Rice - & 12 more Shoes: Well not just any shoes but stilettos! Because they really are beautiful, they are my small tribute to women. To see how much women love these shoes and to watch their faces light up is worth all of the time and the effort involved. Ruby Red Slippers - Emerald Green Slippers - Rock'in Reds - Passion Purple – 8 more Horses: In my attempt to continue to evolve and grow, I have started my first series incorporating repurposed steel. Using only posture to achieve personality is my challenge here. I am very excited to bring in the colors and patinas of old and weathered steel to life in the concept of horses. Tailgate – Sugar Magnolia – If Not for Me – Shotgun –Hurricane – Skittish – Chrome Wind – 12 more. Gallery Representation: Little Gallery Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia E Jones Gallery Roanoke, Virginia Red Wolf Gallery Brevard, North Carolina Gallery C Raleigh, North Carolina Lynne Goldman Studio Charlottesville, VA Organizations: Tri-State Sculptors Art Council of the Blue Ridge League of Roanoke Artist Southwest Virginia Metal Workers Guild Washington Sculptor Group Virginia Equine Artist Association International Sculpture Center Artisans Center of Virginia Juried Certification: Professional Artisan Distinction Public Commissions: Franklin County YMCA Rocky Mountain, Virginia Hidden Valley Country Club Roanoke, Virginia Post Asia: July 2010 Bath County Art Show 2nd Place Sculpture Division Hot Springs VA September 2010 25th Sculpture Celebration Judges Award Lenoir NC November 2010 Art view Visions & Voices Contemporary International Art Exhibition Roanoke, VA December 2010 Patton Philips Gallery One-man show Roanoke, VA December 2010 Red Wolf Gallery Collaborative Show with Christine Kosiba Brevard NC March 2011 Dialogue Gallery Marginal Art Roanoke, VA April 2011 Open Studio Tour One-man show Roanoke, VA May 2011 Love Your Mother Show Sinkland Farms Artisan Center New River Land Trust Riner, VA June 2011 Taubman Museum Art Show Sculpture Division Award Roanoke, VA June 2011 Annapolis Art Show Annapolis, MD July 2011 Bath County Art Show Sculpture Division Award Hot Springs, VA July 2011 Rockbridge Bath Art Show 1st Place Sculpture Lexington, VA August 2011 The La De Da Show One-man show Roanoke, VA August 2011 Loveland Invitational Sculpture Show Loveland, CO September 2011 Lenoir Sculpture Celebration Lenoir, NC September 2011 Art On The Lawn Pearisburg, VA Honorable Mention November 2011 Ferrum College Ferrum, VA December 2011 Intersection Gallery Winston-Salem, NC

Artist Statement

Dave Wertz
430 Walnut Ave. SE., Roanoke, Virginia 24014
Phone: 206-391-9622 Email: ametalsoul@gmail.com

The focus of Wertz’s work is finely crafted three-dimensional metal sculpture. All work is hand fabricated using various combinations of forging and welding. The technique is as ancient as it is modern and cutting edge. He employs a vast array of tools and equipment to achieve a diversity of expressions ranging from a contemporary sleekness to the appearance of something just recovered from antiquity. The patinas, paints and finishes operate in much the same way running the full length and breath of the spectrum. For the majority of Wertz’s work he has employed carbon steel, that’s not to say however, that on occasion he does imbue his work with certain exotic metals. Of late he has been swept up in the beauty of reclaimed metal. Wertz seeks to share the excitement and mystery of this medium with the viewer within the confines of his sculpture. Wertz hopes in your consideration of his work you will find that his enthusiasm for creating art is matched only by his tenacious pursuit of quality. After an 18-month sabbatical spent exploring Asia, Wertz has returned to his east coast studio eagerly jumping back in and reunite with the medium whose language he innately shares, please enjoy.

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