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Andrea Moni

Irvine, California

About Andrea Moni

Andrea Moni, nee Rudman, was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, then spent her formative years on the opposite coast in Southern California. She married her Argentine husband in 1991 when she was exploring black and white photography. In 1993 under the tutelage of award winning photographer Peggy Ann Jones, Moni established her own studio, winning several awards. In 1995 she and her family moved to Argentina, where she first started working with paint and color. Fluent in Spanish, she quickly became acquainted with the creative community in Buenos Aires. She was touched by the local color and culture, but more importantly, she discovered that painting was her personal language, her vehicle to express her ideas and feelings. With the economic collapse of Argentina, the family returned to Irvine, California, in 2001.

Artist Statement

Andrea Moni's aesthetic world is a departure from the abstract as we know it. She has introduced a surprising syntax to painting, incorporating gold, silver and copper leaf with occasional bas-relief. Her palette is not limited to paint, frequently including organic elements that complete her canvas. She has given us a new world that can be as intimidating as it is inspiring and challenging.
Andrea Moni has nurtured her life memories, giving them new life as art. Her "And" series is a provocative collection of oils focusing on our special connection with an other. Silhouetted against vibrant color, the figures are passionate, erotic and intensely alive. Her newest botanical series is a clear and bright extension to the fantastic. One can't paint the flower as it is, she explains, but rather as it is felt.

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and preserve

by Andrea Moni


and bloom

by Andrea Moni


and break

by Andrea Moni