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About Andreia Santos:
Born in southern Brazil, studied languages and visual arts in Brazil and Germany, currently living in the U.S.
About the Paintings:
All the works are available as originals on Canvas and as Giclee Print, with signed limited edition artist's certificate.
Minimum initial bids of $12,000, variable according on the dimensions of each original; for a pre-estimated quote, please, contact us.
1st Exhibition - World debut, New York Film and Art Festival, opening night October 22, 2009;
2nd Exhibition - Lusofonia, Brazilian Endowment for the Arts/BEA, opening night April 22, 2010;
3rd Exhibition - Art Fusion, Brazilian Endowment for the Arts, June 2010;
4th Exhibition - Abstraction, BEA, July 2010;
5th Exhibition - Teresopolis, Rio de Janeiro, February 2011; 6th Exhibition � Brazilian Day Art & Crafts Exhibition, Ironbound, Newark-NJ, September 08-09, 2012; 7th Exhibition - Migration, United Nations, NYC, November 19-30, 2012; 8th Exhibition - Contemporary Brazil and Baroque Roots, United Nations Lobby, NYC, June 17-21, 2013.
8th Exhibition: I Bienal do Mediterr�neo, Lisboa, Portugal, April until September, 2013
9th Exhibition: Contemporary Brazil Baroque Roots, Headquarters Hall United Nations, NYC, June, 2013
10th Exhibition: Red Wall Gallery, Contemporary Art Fair, Jacob Javits North, NYC, October, 2013
11th Exhibition: Tropical Latin Art Show, 8th Latin American Cultural, NYC, 11/22/13
12th Exhibition: Woman�s Day 2014, Casa do Ribatejo, Newark, March 8, 2014
13th Exhibition: First Solo Exhibition, Gallery of Bank of Brazil, NYC, Feb. 25th -March 27th 2014,
14th Exhibition: Gallery, NYC, Sept. 4th, 2014.
15th Exhibition: Tribute to Tom Jobim, Ball Room Gallery, NYC, LolArts,Dec.2014.
16th Exhibition: Tribute to Brazilian Music, LolArts, March 2015.

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My Artist Statement

' I started creating watercolor paintings as a collection because I felt that it was emotionally and mentally refreshingly and free of arrogance, during a period that the society tended towards ostentatious display of luxury.
Those considerations faded into background during the economic recession, in 2008, when, in every sphere of life, with the internet, there emerged an instinctive desire of authenticity, and amusing trinkets were not put into their proper perspective.
If I have chosen watercolors, as medium to express myself, it is because for me they represent the greatest value in the smallest volume of toxic. And too my love of things that are simple and shining through herself has inspired me to try to combine my child passion, the painting, through the medium of watercolor on the proper acid free paper and canvas-paper. "

Andreia defines her art as a mix of abstract and pointillism, and the colors are a strong structural element in her work.

The repertoire includes people, landscapes, natural and cultural environments, which appear in a game of improbable proportions.

This universe expands into organic forms, revealing a subtle balance between color, gestural brushstrokes of strong, sometimes geometric abstraction and pointillism as one of its brands.

In the work of Andreia we can find bucolic landscapes, faces, bodies, flowers, abstract works or even panoramic of famous cities.
Undoubtedly, an eclectic artist, to know and to have some paintings ...

My Location

I am located in New York, NY.

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