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About Anna Androsovski

I was born on the 14th of February, on St. Valentines day, so if you want to say: I was made with love)) I grew in a good family. And from childhood I was drawing. My grandmother told that when I was very-very small, I was touching the air and as if drawing in it. My grandmother is religious and through I will become a healer and will heal people by hands. Despite her expectations, I am terrible even at taking care of plants, so I don’t talk about people… After graduation from school I entered National Aviation University on Molecular Engineering. I dreamed about moving to another country. So as all silly stories tell: she collected money, took her big suit case and went to conquer new country. So here I am now…

Artist Statement

Things that inspire me... are the one that cause emotion. This impression, when you look at the picture and feel its life and motion inside. I always try my best to give this expression to my works, maybe that is the most important part of art.

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by Anna Androsovski


Sketch of a Beauty

Sketch of a Bea...

by Anna Androsovski