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Andrey Pingachev

About Andrey Pingachev
Andrey Pingachev was born in 1973 in Russia. Since 2009 he has been living in Vancouver, Canada.
Andrey graduated from Newmoscow Art school in 1988, Orel Art College (faculty of Fine Art) in 1993, and Orel State University (faculty of Drawing and Painting) in 1998 in Russia. As a Newmoscow Art school teacher of drawing and painting Andrey was awarded tens of certificates in recognition of his teaching skills. He has been a frequent participant in various art exhibitions such as International Art Saloon 2001 (Moscow), International Art Saloon 2004 (Moscow),�Spring Blossom� Exhibitions 2010 (New York, NY), �Inspiration of Spring� International Exhibition 2010 (New York, NY), Artexpo New York, NY 2011, etc. His artworks are in private collections in Russia, France, Germany, the USA, Canada.
Artist Statement

As an artist, I have been influenced by the artworks of great masters of the past such as Jan Vermeer van Delft, Antonis van Dyck, Diego Velazquez, Aleksandr Ivanov, Vasiliy Vereshchagin. My paintings illustrate my interest in the traditional use of perspective, spatiality, and harmonious composition. Today my main preferences link with still life and landscape in a classical-realistic manner where reality comes to be the symbol of the inner essence.