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Angela Wales Rockett

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About Angela Wales Rockett
A spiritually inspired artist, Angela Wales Rockett paints expressive abstracts that soothe the soul with rich colors and texture and invite the viewer to precious moments of introspection. Her artwork has been included in solo and group exhibits across the United States, from New York to Seattle, and in Canada, and is included in many private collections.

Born in a small desert town in Southern California in 1968, she lived in many places across the United States before finding her home in the beautiful state of Washington. She received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a Master of Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. Her studio is located in “The City of Destiny” Tacoma, Washington.
Artist Statement

I've always been drawn to water, its colors and textures, its shapes and sounds; from the roar of the ocean to the bright tranquility of a sun-sparkled creek, from the rush of a rainstorm to the seeming endlessness of a quiet sea. Its light and dark, its tranquil beauty and its mysterious depths. Its ability to take me to the stillness within, to ancient memory and half-remembered visions, from which my paintings emerge.

I express not specific physical landscapes/seascapes in my paintings, but rather a mystical geography, reminiscent of the seas and stars and desert expanses, and the stillness of those depths. And like time spent at the water's edge, my work invites a response in kind – a deep observation and introspection.

I invite you to take your time at the water's edge, look closely, breathe slowly, and let yourself be drawn into your depths.

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Surfacing III

by Angela Wales Rockett

Blue Fortune

by Angela Wales Rockett

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by Angela Wales Rockett

Trees I

by Angela Wales Rockett

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