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About Angie's Jewelry Design

After 25 years producing live entertainment for a large central Florida theme park, Angie retired to pursue her passion for cutting beautiful stones and crafting them into artisan jewelry.

Artist Statement

I design and fabricate one-of-a-kind fashion jewelry from stones and silver. My passion is to create a wearable work of art that is timeless and unique. My pieces enchant and enlighten. They make a bold statement about the fashion and style sense of the wearer.

Stones are endlessly fascinating. You can see ringed planets spinning through a Montana Agate and glimpse the ancient forces that shaped the earth in a Crazy Lace Agate. Some stones display fantasy landscapes, others are striking sepia images of scenic hills and mountains. Translucent gems have an unearthly quality sometimes swirls of moss or plumes of smoke are suspended within.

The work I do with stones makes me a Lapidary. All of my designs feature stones Ive cut in my workshop. The process starts with slabs sawn from a rock and moves through stages of grinding, sanding, & polishing. The finished piece is a cabochon, a stone with a curved top and flat back. I design each silver setting to enhance the natural characteristics of the stone

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