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Angie Bristol has sketched and painted all of her life. She loves to paint what she knows and what inspires her. Fashion, beauty, nature and the human spirit are her primary influences. She has worked in the fashion and make-up industry and draws on these skills to paint her whimsical and ethereal paintings. Angie Bristol's figurative art shows her ability to create expressionistic images that balance between abstraction and realism. Using mixtures of bold colours and shapes that are infused with different emotions, each figurative painting creates different feelings that pull the viewer in. Whether they be feelings of love, turmoil, inspiration or joy.

Currently living in the Vancouver area, Angie grew up surrounded by inspiring women with very strong, ecclectic tastes and sensibilities. The female spirit has always fascinated her and when she paints her figurative paintings come to life and reveal themselves to her with their own individual personalities and sentiments. "It is an exhilarating process and I am always excited to see how my painting will be revealed to me when I am finished. Each of my figures have a personality and life of their own," says Angie.

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by Angie Bristol



by Angie Bristol



by Angie Bristol



by Angie Bristol