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About Golden Wind Raku
Artist Statement

Thirty years of Zen and thirty-five of clay have inspired a technique that explores the fleeting nature of time and space, balanced in all the idiosyncrasies of the moment. Some elements of each sculpture are meticulously formed while other elements (such as robes, clouds or body parts) are swiftly thrown, tossed or squeezed. This movement and vitality expresses the very essence of Zen.

Furthermore, Anita uses the raku firing technique to bring qualities of shimmering “thusness” to the surfaces, and to allow for the unpredictable yet very tangible artistry of fire. In imperfections such as cracks and other unintended results of the raku firings, Anita serves to honor these effects and ferret out the essential beauty behind the unexpected by highlighting the perceived flaws with gold powder mixed with epoxy.

Thematically, Anita explores the iconic imagery of Buddha and considers how she might reflect the spitting image of peace and equanimity in our time and place using the utmost, all-terrain vehicle of common clay. As such, the work offers a synthesis of east and west, past and present — the ancient inheritance of meditation revamped in the modern vernacular.

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A little background information on the raku firing process. Raku can be traced to 16th century Japan, Zen Buddhism and the tea ceremony. The name rakuyaki or raku denotes a type of Japanese pottery which involves low firing temperatures and the removal of pieces from the kiln while still glowing hot. The name raku is derived from the kanji character which means ‘enjoyment’ or ‘ease’. As such, raku ware reflects, quite literally, the spontaneous, moment-to-moment flux of earth, air, fire, metal and water.
Please note that a protective sealant has been added to the finished pieces to prevent the spectacular raku glazes from getting dull over time.

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Large Buddha Bust in Raku Ceramics

by Golden Wind Raku

Buddha Wall Art in Raku Ceramics

by Golden Wind Raku

Large Buddha Statue in Raku Ceramics

by Golden Wind Raku

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