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Ana Zarshin

About Ana Zarshin

Anna Zarshin
Was born in Tehran, Iran

Art Category: Painting
Artistic Career since 2014

Recent Achievements
2017- Selected Artist in 8th International Nature and Wild life competition + Sold Artwork
- Winner of 2 painting cash awards

- Painting Artist of New Year Student Journal in Hormozgan for 4 years
- Teacher in Hormozgan Schools for 12 Years
- Organizer of Training Groups in Hormozgan

Artist Statement

I put my thoughts on a canvas with no premeditated plan and direction…..

I don’t know exactly where I should write my name in order not to be spilled out.

Since the earth is recently flattened, the field of human vision should be widened…..

The line that connects our heaven and earth together….

We all are moving towards the same direction... and gradually join to the color of light…..

But the humans are ejecting out of the canvas as far as the eyes can reach.

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The Beginning Oil Painting by Anna Zarshin

The Beginning O...

by Ana Zarshin


Hidden Secret Gouache Painting by Anna Zarshin

Hidden Secret G...

by Ana Zarshin


Impasse Gouache Painting by Anna Zarshin

Impasse Gouache...

by Ana Zarshin


Hunting without Permission

Hunting without...

by Ana Zarshin


Meadow Path

Meadow Path

by Ana Zarshin