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About armando madrazo

Armando Madrazo became interested in drawing while growing up in San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina.
Armando was mentored by Luis Lusnich (1911-1995), who studied under the direction of Master Lino Enea Spilimbergo. Lusnich settled in Tucumán and worked as a professor of drawing and painting at the Superior Art Institute University. He has further received personal painting instruction from Shirley Schultz, a well-known landscaping artist from Michigan.
Armando receives his inspiration from travels and photographs and works primarily with oil on canvas. His paintings include both semi-realistic images and abstract artwork
He has exhibited his work in Michigan USA. Amongst other his work was selected to be exhibited in the OUR TOWN Art Show & Sale at The Community House in Birmingham Michigan in 2015 and 2016 and at the Beaumont Arts for the Spirit galleries in October 3, 2016.

Artist Statement

Armando describes painting as the evidence of an inquiry of the representation of unreachable reality. It is the bouncing of light on a static object by which we measure ourselves and the other. It is the challenge of making the other closer to ourselves. It is the archetype for particular configurations that need penetration and understanding. It is the representation of reciprocal multidimensional plane. It is us realigned and reminded of our limitation from imperfect senses. It is in the shadows we truly see the faces looking deeply into us. This probing is the meeting point where you and me encounter the connection. You, the viewer and me the painter

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