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The nature is pure, clean, and precious in its own creation. Such insights are on my mind when I create my sculptures. Simple, yet elegant, intended to enrich, decorate and above all distinguish the space as beautiful flowers or morning sunlight would. In my latest figurative series sculptures, I have incorporated into my abstract vision a timeless beauty of a human form.

Instead of more common casting and assembly of ready made parts, I prefer fabricating process, physically shaping and forming a flat sheet of metal into sophisticated curvilinear form.
Bronze, the material used by sculptors for thousand of years, is my preferred medium. To reflect a true poetry of the form, I enhance the character of bronze with hot patinas. I also like to work with stainless steel. Beautiful contemporary metal which high-mirrored surfaces transform simple natural shapes into an elegant creations.
But whether I work with bronze, stainless steel, aluminum or raw steel, I apply my knowledge, expertise, and talent to create a unique sculpture of fine quality and perfect execution. I also like to work on commission projects. A creative and challenging work with client-architect directly. Designing and creating pieces which will compliment a designated space and meet my client ideas and expectations regarding shape, size, material and finish. Sculpture is my primary medium, but you can also find in my portfolio wall relief, custom and functional art, hand-pulled prints and paintings.

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I am located in Saugerties, NY.

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